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A Tribute to Mama, by Linda

May 14th, 2017 1 comment

My sister Linda, the youngest of the ‘kids’,  wrote this tribute for Mama’s 90th birthday.  She expressed what all of us felt.  Thanks Linda.

How Do We Measure a Person’s Life?

by Linda  Simpkins

How do we measure a person’s life?  By the number of years, I guess.  And 90 years is a number that surely does impress.

But in measuring some special people’s lives, perhaps there’s a better way.  So, Iness Ward, mother, friend and wife,

We will try to measure this day.

We could count all the stitches in baby clothes, that she has sewn with care, the smocking with rosebuds she has made, delicate as angel’s hair.

We could count the sugar cookies she’s made and served over the years.  She knows they help to comfort those who have worries or fears.

Maybe we’d count the red sock monkeys, how many has she made? Or the children she has given them to, and the hours with them they have played.

We could count the dolls she’s lovingly made, and dressed to look so fine,  with bonnets and booties to give to a child, who would wide-eyed ask, “She’s mine?”

We could count the friends that she has made, who consider her a treasure, or the hours spent on the telephone sharing joys and pleasure.

But maybe the best way to measure her life, this wonderful friend, mother and wife, is to count the prayers that she has said, usually done quietly, alone in her head:

For her children to arrive safe and sound to whatever destination they are bound, or the prayers for a friend, sick or alone, to send comfort and solace till the pain is gone.

The prayers aren’t said to impress or amaze, they are sent from her heart, forever, always.

Though baby dresses and friends number so high, the prayers are as many as the stars in the sky.  They are steady and flowing from a source like no other,

They come from the loving heart of our mother.

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