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Pray for Houston

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 We can survive without food longer than we can survive without water. We need water in our bodies, and our food source, and for transportation over the rivers lakes  and oceans. We need just enough, not too much.

most of us know how it is to become dehydrated from lack of water even when we have plenty of it, sometimes we just don’t drink enough.  Sometimes people drink too much water and  as a friend of mine experienced, she had an inbalance with her potassium that was life-threatening. 

 For six years Southern California was in a drought desperately needing more water. Our reservoirs were low and the snow pack in the Sierra Nevadas was low. Serious strain on the Colorado River to  supply water for us as well as other states. 

 This weekend we have seen what too much water can do and is doing, right now in Texas. Water can be very destructive when it is unleashed and on its own rises to levels that threaten our homes and our lives.

 Please join me in praying for our brothers and sisters in Texas and in other areas on the gulf coast where nature takes over and the people  have little recourse but to wait it out. Emergency personnel put their lives in danger rescuing others. 

 Bill Taylor’s grandfather was a sheriff in Bakersfield. During the flood he lost his life trying to rescue someone in need.    I pray no one will lose their life as he did many years ago. 

Elvis, 1970

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 In 1970 Elvis gave a few concerts in Las Vegas. I’ve been watching them on Turner classic movies. Film clips from six different performances make up the two hour long program.  

He was nice and thin, handsome as ever and his voice sounded  good.  By this time he had incorporated a lot of his karate moves into his performance and sometimes I thought he overdid it going on and on and on with repetitive  moves. When he was young we were shocked by him just shaking his leg and wiggling around.   Scandalous!

During the six performances he wore six different but similar jumpsuits, with collars up to his ears, and of course, buttons, straps, and flared bellbottoms

 I guess my favorite part was watching him rehearse with his band members, he was relaxed most of the time and you could hear the sense of humor,  and that he really was working to get everything right.  

The opening night you could tell that he was nervous, saying some silly things because of his nervousness. He was just a man, just a poor boy who had talent and drive and came into our awareness at just the right time to make it big.   I’m sorry that he could not have lived a long life and enjoyed his daughter and grandchildren.  It would’ve been wonderful to see what his music would have become had he matured and lived a normal healthy life. 

 Just seven years from when he made the recordings that I watched he had gained probably 60 or more pounds, was addicted to drugs, had multiple health problems and  died much too soon. He was one-of-a-kind. He is missed.




89 Years Ago, hate disguised, today open for all to see! Have we learned nothing in 89 Years?

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In 1928 there was a massive march in Washington D.C. made up of men in white sheets and hoods.  KKK

In 2017, they feel so empowered by the man in the white house that they don’t even bother covering their faces.  They march and shout slogans of hate.

It is about hatred for anyone different from their narrow vision of the world.   They are not ‘fine’ people.  Hatred is not from God.  We know its source, and we should be praying that God will intervene and rescue us from our current situation.



This is not who we are. Really?

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We have been led to believe that we, as Americans, are better than most of the world.  Aren’t we generous, ready to help out anyone who needs us and we are there, even at our own peril?  We have demonstrated it time and again as we got involved in conflicts far from our golden shores.

What about on our golden shores?  How are we doing?  How about in our neighborhoods, in our schools, churches, and in our homes?  When we hear the number of hate groups that have risen in this country , we have to ask where did they get their start?  Did it start in American homes, schools, where? Where does hate get nurtured?

Something is wrong when hate groups flourish, when they feel empowered by the man in the White House, who must be forced for political gain, to condemn their actions. Something is wrong in the first place, when people elect a person who makes it clear that he is about division, not unity, about crudeness, not civility, a man who disrespects the disabled, the weak, anyone who is different from him.  Something is wrong when we put party before country and support such an individual.  Something is wrong when we deny the truth out of our own pride.

Is this who we are?  Are we really just like him? I pray to God, that we are not.


Already read this once? It is worth a re-read.

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How do we show love?

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I know the person who received this tasty surprise appreciated the gesture and probably gobbled down the deliciously tempting treat.  But knowing that this particular person is a diabetic who has to control her sugar intake, makes me wonder if it was from a friend or foe.  Not trying to be a wet blanket, but we need to help our friends resist, not give in to the cravings that are bad for us.

I had a friend who wore a button that said, “If you love me, don’t give me chocolate!”

Maybe diabetics need to have buttons made too!


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From The Homestead – Check your Urine Color

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Warning Signals In Your Urine Color


Several times a day, you have an opportunity to visually check for warning signals in your urine color that gives clues to possible health conditions that need to be addressed like an early warning detection system.  Your kidneys work twenty four hours a day to filter toxins, bacteria and sugars out of your blood stream and flush them out through your urine. Every day, the kidneys filter about 120 to 150 quarts of blood to produce about 1 to 2 quarts of urine.  The color of your urine (pee) is consonantly giving you signs of potentially serious health problems that may otherwise go unnoticed.


Yes, urine color can vary beyond shades of yellow and other colors can be a cause for concern.



Good Source of Protein . . . Eat Your Veggies!

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Don’t Forget to Drink Water All Through the Day

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