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September 3rd, 2017 Comments off

 During the presidential campaign DT said he had been to the best schools and he had the best words. For a person who speaks in unsupported superlatives we would expect nothing less.

this came to my mind when I was enjoying the new game that I have found on iPad. It is a word game.  As a teacher I used to put a big word on the board, maybe a seasonal word such as Thanksgiving and ask the kids to find as many words in that big word as they could find. Well,  this game gives you the blanks to fill in for the words you may get out of a selection of five or six letters. It is quite challenging  but not so much that I can’t feel a sense of success as I do rather well on it. 

 You may have your own game that gives you an escape from the realities of this world. For a few minutes you might not have to think of our fragile earth being in the hands of fragile man.  For a few minutes you can feel that you have some control over something, mainly that you can find solutions, with Solitaire, crossword puzzles,etc.

 I became rather obsessed playing backgammon, and one other game that I really enjoyed but became too involved in and had to stop. Well I didn’t have to stop but I chose to stop because I could tell it was making me anxious instead of relaxed.

and now I’m getting ready to go to church this Sunday morning and I will hear lots of words, in my mind they are the best words, words of hope of comfort of a God who loves me.  Allow me to use these words as I close, may God bless you and keep you and draw you closer to him as we travel this journey called life.


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