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I, If and If by poet, Jimmy Simpson

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If, If and If 

If I could pen a rhyme of peace,

To make all confrontations cease,

No doubt, my mind would think it good,

That I did so because I could;

But if it only made things worse,

My heart would break for wasted verse.

If I could tell a better way,

With all things positive to say,

There would be no regret in it,

Nor make me sad enough to quit;

But once again, if that should fail,

The world would laugh at such a tale.

If I composed with joy to lend,

A sincere message that could end,

Whatever circumstance was wrong;

And help us all to get along,

I would be tempted to, although,

It might become a tale of woe.


JLS – 5/6/17 

Do you know someone drifting away into the long goodbye?

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Poet Jimmy Simpson speaks to the heartache of losing one’s memories.


My mind no longer classifies,

Surroundings I should recognize,

Nor ascertains from case to case,

What once was a familiar face,

In this new world where memory,

Remains forever lost to me.

How strange it is to contemplate,

An age that now is out of date;

And struggle to reclaim the same,

From visages without a name,

While somewhere in the mists of when,

I know they each existed then.

As moments I must now forget,

This heart of mine remembers yet,

Perhaps a touch or friendly smile,

That brought me comfort for a while;

And so I love you all no less,

Though time has forced me to regress…..



JLS – 8/23/17

Thanks for Dropping By

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Although I haven’t completely abandoned the schoolmarm site, I have not given it the attention I did for 8 years.  I think the soap suds was knocked out of me with the last pres. election.  When I expressed my political opinions, after saying I was not going to do that, some took offense.  I can understand that.  But as the writer of the blog I feel I have every right to change it, and my views.  So I am speaking out more.

Someone who was highly offended caused me to say I would restrict my comments to my blog.  But I got into ‘trouble’ anyway by expressing my opinion on a family matter on FB.  It was interesting to me that the ones who sent me sharp reprimands for what I had written, never make positive comments or even click ‘like’ so as far as i know they never read my stuff.  

There was no way to adequately respond to these unexpected dress downs, so I left them unaddressed.  Nevertheless, they hurt and unfortunately makes my relationship feel strained and changed from what it once was.  

Words are powerful. Just as they took offense at mine, I did to theirs.  We live in a stressful time. Pray more and talk less, I guess!


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