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Does it come in decaf?

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Hey, JC Penny! Listen up!

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I can’t understand why women 
are okay that JC Penny
has an older women’s 
clothing line named, 
“Sag Harbor.” 



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Across a field of silent foes,

A tall and stately forest grows,

Where once the sounds of war ensued,

That was a nation’s bloody feud;

And where today the fallen lie,

As victims of an age gone by.

From hill to hill and glade to glade,

The roar of gun and cannonade,

Still echoes in a ghostly way,

Upon the field of yesterday,

When Vicksburg bore the bitter stain,

Of civil conflict waged in vain.

One summer afternoon, I stood,

Beneath that sad and lonely wood,

With tears of anguish on my face,

For those who occupy the place;

And listened to the din of shame,

Reverberate once more the same.


JLS – 6/16/17

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