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Must have been a wisdom tooth!

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The poet remembers Glen Campbell

October 23rd, 2017 Comments off

Glen Campbell



Fine words of comfort, spoken well,

Can neither alter nor dispel,

The sadness of a legend done,

Way back in yesterday begun,

By one who pioneered with song,

An age that always will belong,

To all of us still young at heart,

That shared each moment from the start.

Glen Campbell was a country lad,

Who gave to music all he had;

And wrote his name for all to see,

As part of music history,

With talent of a unique kind,

In tunes like “Gentle On My Mind”,

“A Rhinestone Cowboy” and delights,

Like “Galveston” and “Southern Nights”.

Now gone but unforgotten still,

He had a purpose to fulfill,

When from an early death, he rose,

At God’s discretion, I propose;

And with a gift to entertain,

Brought joy that ever will remain,

For all who shared an age of worth,

While Glen was singing on this earth.



JLS –8/8/17

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