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Happy Birthday to Me!

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Yes friends, I turn 75 years old today.  Really?  Are you serious?

What happened to my 50’s and 60’s, where did they go?

Lots of changes in my life since I turned seventy,  5 years ago.  Many of the changes are sad,  mainly the loss of family members, 6 in 5 years.

Finding oneself less efficient, less productive, and not as healthy,  adds a layer of anxiety that can be a challenge. Feeling the stress of political upheaval is also hard on the nerves. Only relief is to truly turn it all over to God.  I am working on it. Praying to ‘abide’ more in Him and to live less in the things I cannot control.  I must believe that in the long run, God’s plan for us will win out.

Of course the most wonderful thing that has happened is that I

have become a grandmother to a fantastic little girl who makes

me smile.  She makes me feel loved and special.  So, as the Lord

taketh, He also giveth.  I thank Him for Juliana, Alice and Timothy,

and for all the other blessings that He and I know, even if I don’t list

them here.


Can I hear an ‘Amen’?

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