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Giving thanks for loving parents.

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I was home for my summer visit with Mama andDaddy in 1969 when this snapshot was taken. I don’t think I have another one of just the three of us together, so I love having this one.  In the background is our big Oak tree.

Now that I am at least ten years older than Mama was in this picture I can’t help but yearn for the time when I was young, and so were they.  It all went much too quickly.  

By this time I was living in California and my summer vacations spent with them were precious.  I loved being  ‘home’ again.  They were always busy working, but on this day I asked them to stop a minute for  a picture and they obliged.   Sitting  between them made me feel like a child again, safe and special.

Loving parents . . . how can we ever thank God enough for them?

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