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Arkansas Mine as Penned by Poet, Jimmy Simpson

November 13th, 2017 No comments

I didn’t live in Arkansas as long as Jimmy, and I really did not get to explore the natural beauty of the state as he has, but I share the love for the land from which we both came. 

Arkansas Mine

God made this haven I call mine,

With many wonders, rare and fine,

From wooded slopes with trails pristine,

To thriving meadows lush and green,

Where springfed streams collect the rain,

Then send it to the delta plain,

That crops of fertile farm and field,

Might share the bounty of their yield.

Each dawn I rise with grateful zest,

For this good land that God has blessed;

And breathe untainted air He made,

In meadowland and forest glade,

As I, with pleasure, proudly scan,

This Arkansas, where I began.

Across this planet, to and fro,

Are many precious lands, I know,

No doubt providing much to they,

Who live their lives some other way;

But as for me, by right of birth,

There is no better place on earth.


JLS – 11/10/16


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