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Why Annie, why? 1901

March 24th, 2016 Comments off





Annie Edson Taylor  was the first person to survive going over Niagara Falls in a barrel . Again, I ask why?  

What makes a seemingly reasonable and sane person decide to put herself into a barrel and risk her life by doing such a thing?  

Remember, it was 1901 and it had never been done before with success.  She was the first to survive, so that means that others had given it a go but died in the process, yet Annie still decided to try it for herself. 

I guess it is hard for me to relate to Annie Taylor, since I do not have the heart of an adventurer, which she obviously had.

 Glad she lived to talk about it, and to proclaim herself  ‘heroine of Niagara Falls’.  What a gal Annie must have been.



Grand Canyon With Cowper Chadbourn

November 22nd, 2014 Comments off

10370890_398411236978180_1877765478531009922_n“Grand Canyon : By day 8, we’ve been on the river longer than most classic Western river trips (Selway, ~5 days, Middle Fork Salmon, ~7 or 8 days, etc). And about now it’s hitting you: We’re not even to the half-way point yet, this is GREAT! Time for another side hike, Elves Chasm at Mile 117.2.

A short 15 minute scramble up from the river brings you to one of the places you can take a “bath” (absolutely NO soap!) in this beautiful little spot.

Someone else may post a photo that shows how you can climb through the rocks behind Steve Brown, come out on the ledge about 10′ above him, and jump to the pool below. Ted found his inner self and made the most jumps (4). A few others jumped once or twice, while a few more decided the sun just wasn’t high enough in the sky yet to get fully soaked that early in the morning.

I have another photo that shows someone on the ledge, but it is not fit for Facebook because the individual is engaging in another time-honored GC tradition: Mooning your fellow boaters. Who? Some of what happens in the Canyon, Stays in the Canyon. ”  Cowper Chadbourn

Grand Canyon Trip With Cowper Chadbourn

November 21st, 2014 Comments off

10801688_397555523730418_1040636938501397309_n“Grand Canyon : My preferred sleeping arrangement was to just set up the cot without a tent, this spot was one of my favorites because the rocks provided a built-in wind break.

The weather was cool enough that a Paco pad was also an option, but with scorpions sometimes coming out at night, the cot just feels a bit safer, and also helps deal with the sand.

One morning, Jason got hit by scorpions that had crawled into his booties during the night. The two MD’s on the trip were somewhat concerned (if Jason was, it was hard to tell).

Andy, who has both ER experience and specialized Wilderness Medicine training, commented that while they often talk about dealing with scorpion bites, he couldn’t recall any mention of what to expect with THREE bites happening at the same time. I think numbness slowly progressed up his leg, eventually reaching the hand on the same side and even his lower lip.

He also gave up rowing and hiking for at least a day or two until things started getting better. Andy probably can’t say anything due to medical confidentiality, but Jason can make any corrections or fill in details I missed. After that incident, I started putting my clothes in a sealed bag beside the cot instead of just laying them nearby.”

Cowper Chadbourn

The Grand Canyon – Thanks to Cowper Chadbourn

November 20th, 2014 Comments off


“One hard-to-believe factoid is that although the Grand Canyon is noted for its big rapids, it only drops at an average rate of 7.5 feet per mile, less than most sections of the Buffalo National River. Long pools created by “blow outs” from side tributaries often end with a big rapid. Here’s one that was big enough that we scouted it and took extra time to get some photos, Granite at Mile 93.9. You can see Ginger on the bank; further upstream Lance and Ted are manning Guy’s video camera. If you can find Guy and Mike in the rapid, then you’ll begin to get some idea on the scale of things.” Cowper Chadbourn

 — with Patti Van Camp and 11 others at Grand Canyon National Park.

Cowper Chadbourn: Grand Canyon 18 Day Trip

November 19th, 2014 Comments off


Grand Canyon #3: Sorry, but it’s an old tradition here at Mile 0, there’s got to be a group photo. Everybody is happy that the rigging and raft loading is done, the Ranger has inspected our gear and given our orientation, and we are about to be off on our grand adventure! We’re wearing clean clothes, we look good, we smell good, nobody has cracked fingers, nobody is bleeding. Life is good!

Cowper Chadbourn

Grand Canyon – Courtesy of Cowper Chadbourn

November 18th, 2014 Comments off

2 GC

Cowper Chadbourn:  “I’ll warn you in advance that most will not be whitewater shots. Yes, the Canyon has great whitewater, but you can’t take your hands off the oars to take photos with a DSLR when you’re in the middle of a big rapid. This first shot is of Navajo Bridge, Day 1, just a short distance from our starting point. It was about here that I decided Abandoned Swamp Duck was no longer Abandoned Swamp Duck, but simply Swamp Duck.”

 — with Patti Van Campand 11 others at Navajo Bridge.

Living Vicariously . . .

November 17th, 2014 Comments off

 I can say with complete confidence  that I will never water raft in the Grand Canyon as cousin Patti and Marc VanCamp did. They took the 18 day trip along with several other adventurers and I’m sure it was a great experience. I, however, am happy to live vicariously through their photos.


Getting set up At Lee’s Ferry, Grand Canyon, photo Gary Thomas

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