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I was the older sister but I didn’t feel this way, I loved dressing the same as Linda.  It made me feel very special.  hmmmm, I’ve never thought to ask her how it made her feel.  I’ll have to do that.

Way to go, Mom and Dad!

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Four years ago the Georgia Cute Meter was going crazy seeing the Borland Kids at Halloween!

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Don’t Do That!

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Bogie and Bacall playfully lift their son Stephen by the arms.  Haven’t we all done this to our little ones?  Well, we should not have!  Doctors say it can do harm to their arms, even to dislocating them.  Great actors, but like all of us, they did not always know what was best for their child.

Works for me!

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Cute Idea for the Kids at Easter

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GiGi and Granddad Simpkins – simply adored by these five, and the feeling is mutual.

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Linda and Sidney with grandkids: Patrick, Will, Layla, Katelyn and Kaylee12308772_10206840528824671_4415327241749457460_n

“I still hear you, Mama!”

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Where are Mommy’s Keys?

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In response to my story about losing my keys, my niece Mandy sent this comment to FB: Thanks Mandy.

Great story! Reminds me of a story about a friend with a little boy who was about 3 at the time. Her keys went missing in late November. She searched everywhere, turned the house upside down, and finally gave up. Come Christmas morning, they had unwrapped all the gifts and then they spotted one more present wayyyy under the tree, messily wrapped in plain white paper. Guess what her 3 year old had decided to wrap back in late November when they got their tree !

Surprise Mommy!!

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