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Don’t Forget

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No tears for Santa this year. Mom is not sure to be happy or a little sad. Her babies are growing up!

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  The Borland Kids, Katelyn, Will, and Patrick

“This was the best Santa ever! He first asked the kids what they wanted and then told them he would make a deal with them. He talked to them about how this is a busy time of year for all the mommies and that if they would help out around the house and pick up their toys and clean their rooms then he would bring them what they asked for. I wanted to hug him!!”  

Mom Mandy

Bruno Sullivan, looking good for the family Christmas card.

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Merry Christmas from Bruno and his family: Jennifer, Tim, and Ryan
Bruno J.Sullivan _

Sutton Free Will Baptist Church – Children assume roles they will never forget.

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photo by Chandra McDowell1506393_10203256342438409_4393220458081383042_n

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What we really need this Christmas season . . .

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We may not need the mechanical ducks flapping their wings . . . or a colony of penguins on the rooftop, (as cute as they were ), but we still need, desperately need, the message brought by the angels.  .  .

The best gift ever

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