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An Act of Love For Martha Lois Rowley – 110 year old ‘Emily’ is Restored by Cindy Bratcher

October 4th, 2016 Comments off

Her name was Martha Lois Rowley.  The baby doll she is taking for a stroll was named Emily. As you can see,  pretty little Martha Lois had beautiful clothes, the latest dolls, and even an  elegant carriage. I have the feeling that she probably could have had anything her heart desired.

The second picture shows her with a different doll, and another fashionable dress.  Martha Lois is wearing a heart shaped locket, a bracelet and a ring.  Her hair is combed to perfection, styled in the fashion of the day. Can’t you just imagine that she was the apple of her father’s eye, and the object of adoration by her very attentive Mother?   Why she was looking so somber I don’t know, unless  the photographer told to ‘be still’ , or maybe that was just her personality.

Cindy and Nettie are Martha Lois’ daughters. When Nettie moved to AZ from the family home in New York, she brought ‘Emily’ with her. Cindy accepted the challenge of doll restoration. I think she did a superb job and I appreciate her sharing the pictures.  This was her email:

Hi Mary Etta,

Thought you might like to see my latest project.  This was my mother’s doll, ‘Emily’.

My sister brought it out in pieces (nothing was put together). I put the body back together by wrapping it in ace bandages and band aids to hold the sawdust stuffing in. I found a wig for her on a doll at a thrift store and the dress was one that belonged to my mother. Nettie speculates that it was her christening dress, but I think it is too small for a baby and was probably a doll’s dress to begin with..  Any way, Emily is looking better that she did a few weeks ago.  She is about 110 years old. She has sleeping eyes that still close when she lies down. Maybe one of these days I will get her professionally restored, but for now I am enjoying her the way she is. Cindy

Thank you Cindy and Nettie.  

I am sure your Mother would be

absolutely delighted at Emily’s

loving restoration.

Well done!

Bookmarks: Great Art

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From my bookmark collection:

Lawrence Alma-Tadema’s Spring : Getty Museum

Auguste Renoir’s The Dancer: National Gallery of Art

Book Mark by Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

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Book Mark from Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

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Origami Bookmarks

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Dorothy Orida and I became  friends when I started teaching at Paseo del Rey. She was a wonderful office clerk, friendly and helpful. When she gave me my first piece of Japanese origami, it opened up a wonderful hobby for me. I have taught the art of Japanese paper folding to hundreds of children and they love it as much as I do. Dorothy also added to my bookmark collection with these two origami bookmarks.  You can see the clever backs and fronts.  I’ve kept them for over 25 years. To see more of my collection, go to category ‘Collectibles’.


Bookmarked by Gifted Artists

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Recent additions to my bookmark collection include these two, with paintings by:

The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of Atlanta, GA.

Something for Nothing?

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David had a car in a car show so we stopped by to see how he was doing and to check out the TRADE DAYS OF WAXAHACHIE, TX.

I was interested in seeing the town where I used to write a boy named Jimmy .  We drove around and saw the downtown area. It was a small, pleasant little community, pretty much shut down over the weekend.

When we went to the Trade Days, we may our way among the various booths, much like any flea market.  I was wandering around by myself when a couple in display area called me over and asked if I would like a free gift.  They handed me a box of ten or twelve collector’s edition of Welch’s jelly jars.  I was surprised and asked why they had chosen to give them to me and they said God had told them to give them to me.  Really?

I thanked them and asked them to remember my sister in prayer.  They said they would.

It was a lovely gesture and I can’t say that I understand it to this day, but I felt it was made sincerely and I appreciated it.

Lori’s good friend is  a Welch and collects Welch memorabilia, so I left them for her to add to her collection.

I asked to take a picture of the generous couple and they were fine with it until I said I wanted to put it on the blog.  I assured them I wouldn’t use their names.  I don’t know why they care, but I am happy to protect their privacy.

Enough to say, it was a little bright spot on a day filled with worry and concern.

A Sister’s Love

October 26th, 2010 1 comment

The newest addition to my bookmark collection.  Thank you Norma Sue.  LMS

Place Holder

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From my bookmark collection:

Bookmarks in Black and White

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From my bookmark collection:

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