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Santana Piano Movers – A Family Connection

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 The Founder of this excellent company is Joel Santana, pictured on the left, the father of my future daughter-in-law, Alicia Santana.  Tivo Santana, eldest son, is the president. (pictured below)

From their website:1453489_178204059044131_1814090624_n

Santana Piano Movers (a subsidiary of J&P Corporation) is a family owned business built from the ground up in 1993. Drawing on our founder’s 30 plus years of experience, our highly skilled movers have the knowledge and expertise necessary to handle moves of varying degrees of difficulty. Based in Lynwood, CA, to conveniently serve all of our California destinations, we’ve built a stellar reputation for quality care and professional service. Santana Piano Movers is bonded and insured.

Piano Moving
Santana Piano Movers is one of the largest piano moving companies in Southern California. Equipped with a fleet of bobtail trucks, ranging in size from 18 to 24ft, we are able to transport up to 18 grand pianos in a single truck. We hand-craft and custom build much of our equipment to accommodate the delicate nature of the pianos we transport.Tivo

Piano Storage
With a warehouse of over 18,000 sq. ft., Santana Piano Movers provides a secure storage space that is adjacent to the main office and is monitored by cameras 24 hours a day. Two expansive areas are used to house a large quantity of units for manufacturers and dealers, while separate smaller climate-controlled rooms are used to safeguard personal units for individual customers.    
Tivo Santana, President

  (323) 569-1022  ·  11350 Wright Rd., Lynwood, CA 90262

For more information go to


A Beautiful Bouquet for Your Saturday

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Cool Site: Your Home in a Snow Globe

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Thanks to Alice Glass for sharing this cool link with me.  Give it a try.  I loved it.

Cool Site: U.S. Map Puzzle

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 How well do you know the location of the United States?

                              This is a website where you can practice putting the states

                              in their correct spot.   Give it a try!



You could help bring a new life into the world, read on . . .

December 13th, 2012 3 comments





225806_4556584366771_868384020_nMaybe you were able to get pregnant very easily, but it hasn’t been that way for Debbie and ‘Santa’ Mark Reed. They have been trying for 5 years without success.   Fertility treatments are expensive.  They have a chance to win it free if they get enough votes on this video contest.  Will you please help?  They both would deeply appreciate it.

My great niece Katie VanderPloeg, who has 4 children of her own, wants her dear friend Deb to be a mother too.  This is what she wrote on Facebook:

I need your help! This is a link to vote for one of my oldest and best friends Debbie Hansen Reed who has struggled for years to try and start a family. If you know Deb you know that she was made to have a baby:) She is an amazing friend and I want this so badly for her and her husband Mark. She has entered a video contest about infertility and she NEEDS VOTES! The winner of this contest receives a free round of IVF, which would be such a blessing for them. The entries are in alphabetical order and listed as either primary or secondary, she is under PRIMARY. Thank you all for voting, I love you all.

You will be able to vote once : Primary.  Click on the “I Believe” Video Contest in blue above, go to the 13th video and view Debbie and Mark Reed’s video to see their story and how much they long to have a baby, or if you are in a hurry, just vote. Please.

Cool Site: All About Ami

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Cool Site: Talk about a good cause:

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Are you thankful for the water you drink every day?  Why not help others so they can be thankful too?

(Don’t click here, go to their website.

Generosity Water is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to ending the clean water crisis in developing countries, one community at a time.

 By embracing creativity, forming strategic partnerships, and providing in-depth accountability, we hope to inspire people to think globally and live generously.

Visit their website for videos to explain more.


Cool Link

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This is a cool link, showing how to separate an egg yolk from the white.

You don’t have to understand the language to get the message.

Pretty clever! Thanks sister Linda for the link.

Cool Site from Karina Russell

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A blog about making a home, decorating, cooking, crafts, sewing, art, and just about anything else creative or interesting in life . . . The American Housewife

Karina Russell always brings a fresh and elegant look to her website.  Take a look and see. If you are interested in home decorating, delicious recipes, fashion tips, and a wide variety of practical suggestions for home, hearth and family,  then you will love this website.

Cool Site: So this century . . . jigsaw puzzles online!

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Jigsaw Delight: 

 Do you like jigsaw puzzles? This one seems to be taking me forever, but I just work on it a little at a time.  You may already know that you can have the fun without losing a single piece.  Like everything else, or so it seems,  puzzles can be worked online.

I am still turning pages in real books and shuffling 1,000 puzzle pieces on a table, but no doubt I will one day have a Kindle and will be solving puzzles on a monitor instead of the table.  It might be easier on my neck, not so sure  what the other trade offs are.  

This is a site to give it a try if you are interested:

Choose from 6 pieces for a quick fix to 224 pieces for a super challenge. Choose which picture you’d like to work on from over 80 choices, no matter which difficulty level you choose!

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