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Muhammad Ali Jan 17, 1942 – Jun 3, 2016

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We knew him through the news as Cassius Clay.  In 1960 he completed High School in KY and proceeded to win the light-heavyweight gold medal at the Summer Olympics. I graduated from High School that year, and worked at the local Dime Store during the summer. Four years later I graduated from college to become a teacher, and Cassius Clay held an unblemished 19-0 record in boxing, and changed his name to Muhammad Ali.

Remembering Our Sisters in Christ – So. Carolina – The attack on them was an attack on us all.

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So Carolina


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Pierce Dec.14My thoughts and prayers were with Pierce as I drew his sweet likeness. I hope he feels much better after having his tonsils and adenoids removed, and that he has a very Merry Christmas!


His Mom, Jessica Thielemier, says his recovery is going a little rough , he’s run a fever and the medicine makes him sick, so let’s all say any extra prayer for Pierce tonight.

Thanks Giving – For Things We Enjoy – Like Drawing Faces

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Do you have a hobby, a skill, a sport, a pastime that you really enjoy?  Then give thanks for it and appreciate the fact that you can do it.  That’s the way I feel about drawing.  I have drawn all my life but never have given it as much attention as I have the last few months.  Portrait drawing is always risky because people start over-analyzing and soon you hear, ” my nose isn’t like that, my ear  . . .”  It makes an artist leery about drawing friends and relatives, but I have been brave enough to attempt it the last few months.  

So far no one has sued me or tossed me out of the family!  

Thanks Giving: Martha

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Although my sister Martha is still in a daily battle with leukemia, we are blessed that she is still with us.  The experimental drug is helping, although there is not a known cure,  hopefully there will be soon. 

I had rather be giving thanks for a complete healing, as I’m sure you understand, but that isn’t the way it is.  Sometimes our prayers are not answered in the way we would desire, but we are grateful for the blessings that do come our way.  

Martha’s husband of 65 years, Bobby, is by her side each step of the way as is her daughter Suzanne and granddaughter Katie.  Martha and Bobby are blessed with grandchildren who love them and are active in their lives.  We are grateful for the medical teams that work so hard for her and the St. Louis University Hospital where she is getting the experimental drug.

Thank you God for my dear sister, for her willingness to keep fighting a battle that is so demanding.  I thank you that she is a Christ Follower and has led a lifetime of knowing You, thank you for the devotion of Suzanne and her husband Bob, who have served you so faithfully.  Please give Martha comfort and healing, let your mercy be with her to defy the odds. Let all of us learn the lessons you are teaching us through the trials of this life.  In Jesus’ name, We love you Lord, Amen

‘Faces’ by Mary Taylor – Vera Henry James

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Vera James

Stan Hicks’ Portrait by Mary Taylor

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Stan Hicks final

‘Faces’ by Mary Taylor – Hank McNabb

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‘Faces’ by Mary Taylor – David Hershey

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‘Faces’ by Mary Taylor – Chris Reimann

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Chris R

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