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A Favorite Picture of My Father

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Daddy always got dressed early for Sunday School and Church  but had to wait for the rest of us slow pokes. We made him late many times and I am sure he didn’t like that.  We lived within walking distance of the church but had to hustle to get there before the first song.

Although he has been with the Lord since 1995  I still feel very close to my Daddy.  A man of few words, his life spoke volumes of what it was like to be  a true Christ follower, to be a devoted husband, to be a caring and loving father. 

I miss you Daddy. I celebrate the day of your birth with love.

Suzanne and Dad, Bobby Nibert, on his 87th Birthday

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My father is Bobby Nibert.  I love him very much and I am very proud of him.  A very supportive father, Dad is always ready to lend a helping hand.

He always told me that he could fix anything but a broken heart – and then he would try.

I knew he was right, he could fix anything…and it  usually involved making a tool that would work just right!  Dad worked the night shift and many long  hours in a hot factory. He took as much over time as he could, so he could provide well for us.  I never needed anything that wasn’t provided for me…and my “wants” were taken care of too.

I remember one time I had really messed up and was waiting for him to come home from work.  When he saw me he just opened his arms and told me it was going to be okay . . . no lecture . . .just love and support.  Mom and Dad have always stood by me, no matter what.

On Sunday mornings he would joke and say he didn’t have a ‘ticket ‘ to  get into church.  We laughed, but we really wanted him with us.

I am proud and happy to say that he eventually  ‘found a ticket,’ and now attends church every Sunday. A couple of years ago  he was baptized by my husband Bob.  That was a very special moment for him and all of us.

Dad has a generous heart and has always been there for me and my family.   I love you Daddy!


And So Begins a Lifelong Relationship – Father and Daughter

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Precious moment between brand new baby Juliana, and brand new Daddy Tim.

Strong and Lasting Connection Between Father and Daughter: Guest Writer Lori Hershey

June 15th, 2014 1 comment

First printed June 19, 2011  

28515_436631401728_685456728_5368790_5653150_n-150x150Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my Daddy.  It is hard to believe he has been gone for 9 years now.  There are countless times I wish I could talk to him – just to hear his voice or ask his advice.  But to say I haven’t heard from him in those 9 years wouldn’t be correct.

I believe Dad is in Heaven watching over us, and from time to time I believe he finds a way to let us know he is with us. Once on our anniversary, David and I came out of a restaurant to see a car parked next to ours with the license plate that started “DEJ” – my Dad’s initials.  I said to David, “Dad’s wishing us a Happy Anniversary”.

At EVERY car show I see one of Daddy’s favorite cars, or a man who resembles him, or  a man wearing a jumpsuit like Daddy always wore.  I feel it’s him saying “hi”.

Our second daughter, Devon Jessica, was born a year after Daddy died.  We call her DJ, the same as Daddy was often called.   On her birthday last year, I was checking my email and the names listed on the top two emails (from a video professionals list of over 100 people) came up like this:

Darrell Smith

Johnson, Bruce     I told DJ, “Papa says Happy Birthday”.

Mother says Daddy  “speaks” to her as well. He used to stick a one hundred dollar bill in her birthday cards.   A couple of years ago on her birthday, Mom was going through some boxes of letters.  She opened an old birthday card from Dad, and out fell a one hundred dollar bill!  What are the odds?

We don’t often go to his gravesite “to visit” because we feel Daddy is always with us;  but on one trip  to Arkansas, while  having lunch across the street from the cemetery,   DJ says, “I want to go see Papa’s grave.”

His tombstone sits in the shadow of the statue of Christ – he had specifically requested that site because he loved that statue.  We were cleaning up around it, fixing up the flowers, when we saw a dragonfly light on the flowers.  It sat there, even when we moved toward it.
The girls stuck out their fingers to touch it and it let them touch the wings. We were fascinated.  It not only let the girls touch it, but when DJ sat her finger next to it, it calmly climbed up on it!  It sat there even when she moved her hand.  Then it flew off a few inches over to Hannah’s finger.  Then it went back to the flower.  That’s when I grabbed my camera. I told the girls that I felt like it was  Daddy visiting us. When I said the word Daddy, I was looking at the bug’s eyes through the camera lens and I swear to you they shifted and looked straight at me.  It was the strangest, but most comforting feeling I’ve ever had.  As we stayed there for the next 20 minutes or more, the dragonfly stayed with us, flying back and forth from the girls’ fingers, flying closely around both Mom and me and resting on the flowers.  Generally, you see dragonflies in groups.  But this one was all alone.

Finally, the dragonfly flew up, circled each on of us slowly and then flew off right by the statue of Christ.  We all called, “Goodbye Daddy/Papa/Darrell  we love you!”

Now there are many who will say we read too much into these events.  Perhaps.  But this one thing I know… my father was so well loved and loved us so well, that even though his earthly body is gone, his spirit stays with us, watching over us all and yes, letting us know he’s present… sometimes even as a dragonfly.


We Love Our Grandfathers!

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To illustrate the 100th Day of School Patrick chose to go as his Grandpa Larry Borland.  Mom Mandy explained that Grandpa wasn’t quite 100 yet!  Patrick didn’t care, he wanted to look like his grandpa and wear a mustache, and a fine mustache it was.

I bet Grandpa Larry considered it a great honor!


A Daughter Remembers Her Father, With Love.

June 15th, 2014 1 comment
By Bernice Bertone

I fondly remember my days with Dad,
The long walks and talks that we once had.
He was always there when I needed him,
Aw…yes dad, you were such a gem!
He taught me to ride my very first bike,
Built a swing, when I was just a tyke.
He took me fishing down by the creek,
Our time there was such a treat.
He worked and toiled most of his life,
Providing care…. for his family and wife.
I shan’t forget the day I gazed,
into his eyes, in his olden days.
His love and pride for me were there,
Bordered by….his silver hair.
His hands…they shook…but still were firm,
His life on earth…approaching term.
Then one day…he said “Goodbye”,
To join HIS father…in the sky.
Tears weld up and trickle down,
Loving thoughts in me abound.
I love you Dad, and miss you so,
Now you’re with God, you had to go.
Upon his grave I place a rose,
His earthen home of sweet repose.
I rise to leave my father’s side,
wipe a tear,  I cannot hide.
Two arms reach out to hold me as one,
And I embrace with pride….my OWN dear son.
And in my ear…in his special way,
He whispers softly….”He knows its a Happy Fathers Day!”

Sgt. Herbert Turner – A tribute by his son, John Turner

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At about 10:15 last night an old soldier went home.

He was born during hard times. His natural father drowned when he was three years old. He and his mother lived with his grandmother until she remarried several years later. He attended school at a long gone school called “Little Brown”

WWII came along. His mom would not sign for him to serve in his underage status. But the war lasted and he enlisted and became a “Screaming Eagle” with the 101 Airborne. He served in the European theater- he fought in the D-Day invasion after being landed by glider. He was an artillery gunner. He was in the Battle of the Bulge. He slept in a foxhole and woke up covered with snow. He was one of those called “the Battered Bastards of Bastogne.” There he was wounded by German shrapnel-years later he told me that he had expected to die in that battle-but General Patton came and broke the German offensive and was saved. He carried the shrapnel all the rest of his life.

He returned home. He did what most men did. He fell in love and was with mom for over 60 years. He raised a family-2 boys and a girl. In 1957 he joined the Arkansas State Police and retired after 30 years of service. Many of you reading this remember him as the one who gave you your drivers test or gave you a ticket or maybe both!

Today, I remember him a friend, a mentor, but most of all I remember him as dad. 
Sgt. Herbert Turner
April 29, 1925-June 12, 2014
Rest in peace, dad, I love you.

The day I turned 14  Daddy took me to the Randolph County Courthouse to get my driver’s license.  Sgt. Turner administered the driving part of the test. It was a big day for me and I remember being nervous and equally in awe of the handsome officer in his striking uniform.  He was a consistent presence in our small town and is remembered with appreciation and fondness for his dedicated service to our community. 


Love this picture of Father and Son . . . Eric and Jameson Gardner

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Eric and Jameson Gardner


photo shared by Sharon Pace Gardner

Devon Jessica (D.J.) and David won the dancing contest at the Daddy-Daughter Dance. Hersheys Rock!

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We Love Our Fathers: Katelyn and Devin Dressed for their first Daddy-Daughter Dance

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Katelyn & Devin

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