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Surely Rupert Brooke and Dylan Thomas would approve of sharing their names with two such beautiful and gentle fellows!

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Thanks to Melinda Innocenti for the photo of her furry companions, her ‘beauties’. (Rupert is orange and Dylan is B/W)



Their  handsome and talented namesakes: Poets Dylan Thomas on the left and Rupert Brooke on the right. Rupert_Brooke_Q_71073

Cat’s whiskers just for show? Just ask Max.

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Cat’s whiskers are not just a decorative element, they fulfill a very important function.  Without whiskers, chats would be helpless and even inadequate in their behavior.

Cats have a sensory organ at the end of their whiskers called a proprioceptor that sends tactile signals to the brain and nervous system.  This organ helps them to orientate themselves, that is to know where every part of their body is, and even to measure distance between the cat and some object, for example, prey.

A cat’s whiskers are extremely sensitive to every small change in the environment, they can even feel the slightest vibration in the air.  Whiskers also fulfill the tactile function helping cats to ‘touch’ various objects and determine their shape and quality.

source: Quiz Club

Max’s photo by Diane Marshall

Remembering My Sweet Feline Teacher, Companion, Friend: “Siggy”

July 26th, 2016 1 comment

img235I used to be afraid of cats, no, I was terrified of cats.

In high school Carol Ann invited me to sleep over, with the promise that their cat would not be in the house at night.  I watched as she put him outside.

Her father, Mr. Boyce,  apparently didn’t get the word, and he let Tom in.

When I awoke in the night with this black ‘thing’ walking on me. I screamed and flailed my arms, sending fur flying. Tom screeched loudly, and so did I.

That did it! My fear of felines was solidified for sure, and I never was invited back to Carol’s to spend the night.

As an adult, if I saw a cat on television while I was eating, I would lose my appetite.  I certainly couldn’t bear for one to be within striking distance of me.  Can someone say ‘phobia’?

When Bill and I moved to our first home, we lived next door to a couple who had two cats, Signe and Sin.  Signe is pictured here.   The two sisters did not get along, so ‘Siggy’ sought refuge in our apartment area.

After avoiding her for months I decided that I would try to overcome this lifelong fear.   I allowed her to come closer and closer to me until gradually I got the nerve to touch her fur.  I would immediately go and wash my hands.

It took weeks before I could playfully pet this beautiful, sweet, animal.  In time I began to truly enjoy her company and encouraged her to come over as much as possible.

When Jean and Bud announced they were moving, they asked if we would like to keep Signe, since she seemed happier with us.  Bill, who had come to love the little cat too, said a quick yes.  She moved in and became a cherished member of the family.

I never thought it could happen, but because of one little kitty cat, I overcame a phobia and gained a wonderful  friend.  Only a cat lover can understand what I mean.  

Thanks, Siggy.


Oh Yeah, this could do it!

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Me, me, meow! “You’re a good man, Farmer Jones!”

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  One Mama feeding another Mama’s babies, thanks to a kind hearted farmer with good aim.

Just in case you didn’t know . . .

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Cute Ukrainian Cats

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So, how’s it goin’?

Can’t complain, ears a little cold.


Winter Entertainment for Jack the Cat

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” Jack likes to watch the birds and squirrels playing on the ice. 
He  went out earlier but got his little booty in fast !!”

 Kaye Starr Ferguson

Catalina and Tim

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Catalina wasn’t a bit shy in choosing her place to sit.  So what if Tim was reading the newspaper?

When he took time out to make a call,  she took the opportunity to settle in. He doesn’t seem to mind.  They were friends.

Catlina was a sweet little kitty cat and we loved her.

By the way, did you know that a cat has 32 muscles in each ear?  Well, they do.

Furniture Designed for Pet Lovers

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I loved my cats, but sorry kitties, I wouldn’t choose to have  this to-do in my home.  How about you?  Other pictures show it reaches around the room.  Not even the cat looks convinced that it is a good idea.

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