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When Mario’s kids ask what he does at work, he can tell them that he delivers water to thirsty Californians, and he would be right!

He drives a very big red truck, keeps to a tight schedule, handles big heavy containers, hears the snarls, barks and yips of excited pets, and does it all with good humor.

My neighbors apparently are consuming quite a bit of the wet stuff, and good for them.  We need to keep hydrated to keep healthy.

Thanks Mario for your dependable, friendly service, Arrowhead is lucky to have you on their team, and  I bet your kids are lucky to have you as their Dad!

Mario is another one of the Schoolmarm’s Good Guys!

Happy Birthday Dr. Sidney Simpkins, A Cherished Brother-in-Law!

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A Reprieve in the Midst of War

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Lori Ann was very young when her father Darrell served in Vietnam.  When he was given a few days of R & R in Hawaii, Lori and her mother Norma Sue went to be with him.  This is a picture taken at that time.

No doubt the memory of those days helped him through the remainder of his tour of duty.  It also helped a little girl remember ‘Daddy’.

On this Memorial Day, I am thinking of the families who wait for their loved ones to return, who pray for their safety, who rejoice when they return home, and weep when they do not.

To all of those who have served, or are serving now, we salute you with grateful hearts.

Need a Contractor?

March 26th, 2014 Comments off

20140228_092625This is the contractor who remodeled my bathroom.  He tore it down to the studs and did a great job.  His name is Jim Charnell.  If you live in Southern California and need a master carpenter, a general contractor with 30+ years experience in home building and remodeling, then give Jim a call for an estimate.

Jim Charnell  562 833 6609

I was not compensated in any way for this endorsement, I just know how hard it is to find a competent, honest contractor, and so I feel justified in making this recommendation, free of charge.

The Real ‘Lone Ranger’ was an African-American named Bass Reeves

November 23rd, 2013 Comments off


Reeves was described as a “master of disguises”. He used these disguises to track down wanted criminals, even adopting similar ways of dressing and mannerisms to meet and fit in with the fugitives, in order to identify them.

Reeves kept and gave out silver coins as a personal trademark of sorts, just like the Lone Ranger’s silver bullets. Of course, the recent Disney adaptation of theLone Ranger devised a clever and meaningful explanation for the silver bullets in the classic tales.

For the new Lone Ranger, the purposes was to not wantonly expend ammunition and in so doing devalue human life. But in the original series, there was never an explanation given, as this was simply something originally adapted from Reeves’ personal life and trademarking of himself. For Reeves, it had a very different meaning, he would give out the valuable coins to ingratiate himself to the people wherever he found himself working, collecting bounties. In this way, a visit from the real “Lone Ranger” meant only good fortune for the town: a criminal off the street and perhaps a lucky silver coin.

Like the Lone Ranger, Reeves was also expert crack shot with a gun. According to legend, shooting competitions had an informal ban on allowing him to enter. Like the Lone Ranger, Reeves rode a white horse throughout almost all of his career, at one point riding a light grey one as well.

Like the famed Lone Ranger legend Reeves had his own close friend like Tonto. Reeves’ companion was a Native American posse man and tracker who he often rode with, when he was out capturing bad guys. In all, there were close to 3000 of such criminals they apprehended, making them a legendary duo in many regions.

The final proof that this legend of Bass Reeves directly inspired into the story of the Lone Ranger can be found in the fact that a large number of those criminals were sent to federal prison in Detroit. The Lone Ranger radio show originated and was broadcast to the public in 1933 on WXYZ in Detroit where the legend of Reeves was famous only two years earlier.

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Happy Birthday to Oscar Rosales

October 29th, 2013 Comments off

Oscar  is one of my son’s best friends.  He will be by Tim’s side when he gets married in December.  Tonight, however, they are at the first Laker game of the season.  Have a great birthday, Oscar, and GO LAKERS!942952_107110896161061_1790732805_n

Two Special Men Named Jim

February 21st, 2013 15 comments

A good friend to this website is Jim Mentzer.  A man with a quick mind and a knowledge bank that covers a wide variety of information. You may have read some of his comments made here.  They always enrich the topic and are appreciated. I know that Jim’s strong faith in Jesus Christ is sustaining him as he awaits colon surgery on March 8th. His problems were found through a colonoscopy and I know he joins me in urging you to have the procedure if you have not.  

Another wonderful man  named Jim is having his own physical challenges and will undergo surgery the same day.  You know him as Arkansas poet, Jimmy Simpson,  a man of sincere words and deep emotions.  Regarding his medical situation, Jim writes: 

My surgery date is scheduled for March 8th at 7:30 a.m. 
They will remove a portion of the top of my left kidney to take the tumor. 
The stone which is in the lower portion of the same kidney I will deal with 
Doctors say the stone can be blasted after I heal from the surgery. 
Lottie will keep you posted as soon as the surgery is complete. 

  Please join us in praying for a complete recovery for Jim Mentzer in California and Jim Simpson in Arkansas.  We know these are difficult times for both men and their families, but we believe in  God’s healing power.   We send our love and prayers to each of them.  Get well soon!


Draw Him Back

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Blue Pacific with  powers to attract

Draw him back, back

 To gaze into your waters

Don Nibert: August 5, 1952 – May 7, 2012

May 9th, 2012 2 comments

Let the Celebration Begin Early . . .

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To the distinguished and much admired Dr. Sidney Simpkins


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