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The pharmacist asked me my birth date again today. 
I’m pretty sure he’s 
going to get me something. 


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If I make you breakfast in bed, a simple

“Thank you” is all I need . . .

not all this,

“How did you get into my house?” business

Little Johnny

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img457Little Johnny came home crying. It was obvious he’d been in a fight and had lost. While his father was patching him up he asked his son what happened.

“Well Dad,” sniffed Johnny,  “I challenged Larry to a duel.”

“A duel?”

“Yeah and I gave him his choice of weapons.”

“That seems fair,” said the father. “What happened?”

“He chose his sister!”

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Teaching Somebody a Lesson About Parking

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Pardon the pun.

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Love the puns!

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And then he said . . .

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b“They used to laugh at me when I said I wanted to be a comedian. Well, no one is laughing now!”

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