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Do You Have a ‘Pony Picture’ From Your Childhood?

July 31st, 2016 Comments off

pony-cynthia 1939

When you were a kid did a pony come to your front door?  

He didn’t make it to my house in Arkansas, but there was a time when photographers, with pony and camera in hand, would walk door to door taking these keepsake pictures.  

On the left, Cindy, in New York, is posing sweetly on the well behaved, photogenic pony.  pony MaggieHey,it was 1939, and he was a pro!  

 A generation later, her daughter Maggie repeats the experience.  This pony looks a bit bored and not as well groomed,  but Maggie’s smile tells us it still was a moment to remember for a five year old city kid.

Cindy writes:  We were poor as church mice in those days and I was trying to think of something I could afford to give to my mother for Christmas.  I was so happy to see that guy walking down the street with his pony.  I bought a nice double picture frame and put my pony picture on one side and Maggie’s on the other and sent it to Mother.  She was delighted.  Mothers always seem to like sentimental things from their children.  I was glad that I was able to make her happy, surprising her with the photos.”

Thanks Cindy (and Maggie.)  I can see why your mother loved it.  What mother wouldn’t?


Celebrating Women: Holly Winslow and Lisa Looney – Happy Mother’s Day

May 11th, 2014 1 comment


It is my pleasure to say Happy Mother’s Day to Holly and Lisa, shown here with Holly’s children.

Holly Winslow and Lisa Looney are CNA’s at Randolph County Nursing Home in Pocahontas, AR.  They demonstrate the  best of caregivers, working at a very stressful, demanding, and often thankless job.  

Lisa is Holly’s mother and a role model for showing kindness and respect for the elderly/disabled patients in her care. I saw her in action on a daily basis as she tended to my mother’s most personal needs. 

Holly  and Mama formed a special bond. Holly adopted Mama as her ‘Grandma’ and Mama returned the affection, talking often about how sweet Holly was to her.  When I met the pretty young woman she expressed her love for Mama.  It made me feel so good to know Mama was in an environment where someone thought of her as family, not just a patient. I know it made a difference.

During Mama’s last weeks she had UTIs that caused bouts of dementia. Caring for her was extremely difficult. Time and again Holly made extra effort to be there when ‘Grandma’ needed her.  Jamie knew of her devotion to Mama and she was there for him too, sharing in the concern for Mama’s well being.

Lisa and Holly are not the only ones who made Mama’s life better during her years of living at Randolph Home, but they are the two I got to know the best.  I wish to express to them my sincerest thanks and appreciation.

Happy Mother’s Day to two very special women.  May God Bless you both.






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