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Juliana’s first Visit to Disneyland, Yes, it was fun. It was on Daddy’s 43rd birthday

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Juliana takes a selfie with Grandma!

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What joy to spend the day with a two year old!  Life is exciting and fresh and fun abounds when she is around.  Another reason I know God loves me . . . my sweet Juliana!20170227_083259

Grammy and Juliana, 2017

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Juliana’s 2 now! Ready for a Toddler Class. She waits patiently.

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A ‘Cookie’ to love

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images-2The cookie I’m talking about has blue shaggy fur, a great big mouth, and two big eyes. The love affair is between my sweet granddaughter Juliana and the famous TV character Cookie Monster. He is a monster only because he loves cookies so much and can’t get his fill of cookies. ( I can relate I love cookies too.)

We leave off the ‘monster’ part of his name when we discuss her favorite toy, the one she chooses to take to bed at night to snuggle with.  Juliana ‘s Cookie is just a big ole lovable guy reduced to a huggable size for little arms.  

So when it came time to decide on a theme for her birthday it was fairly easy to decide that we had to decorate the place with images of her dear old images-1Cookie.And so it is that grandma is doing her share of making decorations with Cookie  as the star. It is fun and takes me back to my days as a teacher when I was able to do such things to keep my room Fun and attractive for the kids. 

She’ll love it I’m sure!


A Milestone

November 13th, 2016 Comments off

I heard sweet music today. It was the first time I heard my Juliana call me ‘Grandma’. She has been trying for some time, and it went from Gen to Gam. I said I didn’t care what she called me, but now that she has put it together to say Grandma, I recognize how wonderful a sound it is.

Sweet music indeed! 

Te Amo

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Juliana is adding words to her vocabulary every day. Saturday  I taught her the word bubbles, as we blew soapy bubbles into the backyard air.  She is being taught Spanish but she is also picking up English words as she goes along. I am learning a few more Spanish words as I go along, too.

I have been saying to her “te amo”  which means I love you, but getting little response. Last night, however, when we were doing FaceTime together, and I called out to her “Te Amo”  . . . she said it back to me. How sweet!

Even if she does not know for sure what it means now, she will in time. Love, no matter  how you say it,  is beautiful to the ears, especially from your one and only precious grandbaby.

Dear God I thank you so much for that sweet baby and how much she means to me. Thank you for bringing her into my life at a time to add such joy. Please bless all the grandparents out there and the grand children who love them. Let us all make beautiful memories to enjoy now, and to treasure in the future. Amen

Last year was Bill’s last earthly birthday. We miss him, but believe this birthday will be his best.

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Holding Juliana when she was very new . . .20150124_145308  Bill and Tim sharing a special moment. 

On her 21st month of life, Juliana knows how to kick back and relax, do you?

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Juliana is 21 months old but it feels as if she has been with us forever!

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Thanks Alice Glass, for requesting a recent picture of our little

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