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The Man From Camelot by Jimmy Simpson

October 15th, 2017 No comments

The Man from Camelot

Now long ago and far away,

There was a man called JFK,

Who left a nation beaten down,

When shots rang out in Dallas town;

And to this day, reflectively,

The loss remains the same for me.

Those thousand days of glory gained,

That for one timeless moment reigned,

Saw hopes and expectations grand,

Be empty dreams throughout the land,

While one great leader, young and brave,

Marched onward to an early grave.

So many years have passed since then,

With pledges made by other men,

Some overstated, some untrue,

Each touting greater things to do;

And through it all I noted not,

One like the man from Camelot.


JLS – 5/10/17

I, If and If by poet, Jimmy Simpson

October 3rd, 2017 No comments

If, If and If 

If I could pen a rhyme of peace,

To make all confrontations cease,

No doubt, my mind would think it good,

That I did so because I could;

But if it only made things worse,

My heart would break for wasted verse.

If I could tell a better way,

With all things positive to say,

There would be no regret in it,

Nor make me sad enough to quit;

But once again, if that should fail,

The world would laugh at such a tale.

If I composed with joy to lend,

A sincere message that could end,

Whatever circumstance was wrong;

And help us all to get along,

I would be tempted to, although,

It might become a tale of woe.


JLS – 5/6/17 

Do you know someone drifting away into the long goodbye?

October 3rd, 2017 No comments

Poet Jimmy Simpson speaks to the heartache of losing one’s memories.


My mind no longer classifies,

Surroundings I should recognize,

Nor ascertains from case to case,

What once was a familiar face,

In this new world where memory,

Remains forever lost to me.

How strange it is to contemplate,

An age that now is out of date;

And struggle to reclaim the same,

From visages without a name,

While somewhere in the mists of when,

I know they each existed then.

As moments I must now forget,

This heart of mine remembers yet,

Perhaps a touch or friendly smile,

That brought me comfort for a while;

And so I love you all no less,

Though time has forced me to regress…..



JLS – 8/23/17

‘Streams’ by Jimmy L. Simpson

April 21st, 2017 Comments off


by Jimmy L. Simpson

Within the festive mood of spring,

Two mated geese upon the wing,

Took refuge on my pond and stayed,

Along with goslings newly made.

I watched them wade and swim and dive;

Six babies glad to be alive,

While mom and dad together stood,

As keepers of the neighborhood;

And I a child of God as well,

Was part of something good to tell,

For once when I was young and new,

I learned along with others too,

How life for creatures great or small,

Becomes the greatest gift of all,

When out of nowhere as it seems,

We learn to navigate life streams.

Arkansas Mine by Jimmy L. Simpson

March 4th, 2017 Comments off
Arkansas Mine

God made this haven I call mine,

With many wonders, rare and fine,

From wooded slopes with trails pristine,

To thriving meadows lush and green,

Where springfed streams collect the rain,

Then send it to the delta plain,

That crops of fertile farm and field,

Might share the bounty of their yield.

Each dawn I rise with grateful zest,

For this good land that God has blessed;

And breathe untainted air He made,

In meadowland and forest glade,

As I, with pleasure, proudly scan,

This Arkansas, where I began.

Across this planet, to and fro,

Are many precious lands, I know,

No doubt providing much to they,

Who live their lives some other way;

But as for me, by right of birth,

There is no better place on earth.


JLS – 11/10/16


Tribute to a Caring Teacher, Mrs. Imogene Mize, by Poet Jimmy L. Simpson

October 23rd, 2016 Comments off


                 Ms. Imogene

When I was only ten years old,


With life beginning to unfold,

 I found myself alive but stressed,

 From being socially suppressed,

While left alone to gather clues,

For classifying “don’ts” and do’s;

And might have made the uncool list,

Of left behind and never missed.

Then someone special came my way,

To right the wrongs of yesterday,

By teaching values tried and true,

That still affect the things I do.

“Ms. Imogene” as she was known,

Became for me a stepping stone,

As I developed in sixth grade,

A code of conduct yet displayed.

Instructed well and tutored then,

My heart and soul remembers when,

Somebody cared enough to be,

The teacher who was there for me!


Jimmy L. Simpson

for more of his poetry, go to



The Poet Loves Trees Too

September 29th, 2016 Comments off

A Tree and Me

There was a tree now dead I know,

That was my friend in long ago,

As each new sunrise gave to me,

Another chance to climb that tree;

And as I sat between its boughs,

I understood why life allows,

Ambition fed by youthful whim,

To make us either sink or swim,

For honest effort causes pain,

From limb to limb and gain to gain;

But in the end rewards the day,

With dreams that never go away;

Then as each lifetime passes through,

Old friends and moments journey too,

While far horizons hard to reach,

Give lessons only life can teach.


JLS 10/4/10

We are seven by Jimmy Simpson – With a nod to Wordsworth

May 19th, 2016 Comments off

We Are Seven 

I heard some verse from olden time,

A classic poem to relate,

For it was such a touching rhyme,

About a tender girl of eight,

That Wordsworth met and noted fair,

With thick hair clustered ‘round her head;

And so he asked her to declare,

“How many more are you?” He said.

“We total seven” she replied,

Two still at home, two more at sea,

While in the churchyard two reside,

Which makes us seven, counting me”.

Then Wordsworth said, “How can you tell,

Of seven all with two at sea,

If two remain at home to dwell;

And two are resting peacefully?”

“Oh master!” was her quick reply,

You forgot the two in Heaven,

Because six other souls and I,

Will forevermore make seven!”

JLS – 2/26/2015

A Spiritual Journey in Poetic Form, by Jim Simpson

April 10th, 2016 Comments off

Two Men Walking

Jimmy L. Simpson

I walked upon the road of time,

Beside another in this rhyme,

Who shared a common journey made,

The breadth of which is here displayed;

And each of us the same, I find,

Left nothing that we learned behind,

Nor kept distractions causing pain,

Which constitutes a walk in vain!

We kept the trust that God endowed,

On paths He fashioned and allowed,

To those who understand His Will;

And have one purpose to fulfill,

Unlike some men who tread alone,

Dark passages in fields unknown,

Where death by separation looms,

In cold and unforgiving tombs!

One man of dust, another mist,

Both learning how to coexist,

That on the road of time became,

By Heaven’s Grace one and the same;

And each prepared for walks ahead,

With neither lost nor counted dead,

When host and spirit reunite,

Once more on avenues of light!

JLS – 5/31/2015


The Poet Reflects on One Lasting Memory

March 31st, 2016 Comments off

One Lasting Memory

by Jimmy Simpson

Across the years now left behind,

These things still linger on my mind;

A horseback ride throughout the night,

With only moon and stars for light,

A swirling, spring fed swimming hole,

So cold and fresh it touched my soul,

A friend who stood beside me when,

I had nobody else back then,

A scene that took my breath away,

Upon a snowy winter’s day,

A sense that I was in God’s Hands,

On woodland paths and meadowlands,

A soft and sudden scent of spring,

That beckoned like a living thing,

A summer that was soon to bear,

The leaves that autumn trees would wear,

A freedom evermore embraced,

Long after youth had been erased;

Sweet years that on recall for me,

Are one long lasting memory.

JLS – 2/10/2016


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