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No Foolin’

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equal paiy

Wonder what DaVinci, Edison, Franklin, Bell, Tesla, and other creative minds would think of this? Wonder what my grandparents would think?

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Thing of the Past . . .

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drive in

I didn’t go to the Drive-In very much as a teenager.  A simple reason – the mosquitoes drove me crazy! But The Skylark Theatre was a big draw in my hometown, lots of ‘neckin’ going’ on, interrupted by slapping at the those infuriating and painful buzzing pests!

The last time I went to an outdoor theatre was in Los Angeles, at Studio Drive-In.  StudioBill wanted to see ‘Dirty Dozen’, a manly man’s movie for sure.  I wasn’t crazy about the film, but  at least in L.A. we didn’t have to fight mosquitoes.  We were  married by this time, so unlike the kids at the Skylark, we actually watched the movie.

It wasn’t too long afterwards that the theatre was shut down and now condos are in its place.  I pass the area often since it is across from Target. I know we needed the housing, but there is a bit of regret that things have to change so much.


What’s Growing in Your Garden?

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No one knows who invented the fire hydrant because the building holding the patent burned to the ground in 1836.

And yet our waistlines have inflated along with the price of groceries!

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As he told his wife, “It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!”

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Beach patrols measuring the length of women’s bathing suits in the 1920s.


In 1922, if you wore a bathing suit that was too short, you could receive a warrant from the police. They even had “bathing suit” patrol men who would measure to see if a bathing suit was of proper length standards. Bathing suits back then could not be more than 6 inches above the knees.



Hope the fire is close by. . . peddle boys, peddle!

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1905 Fireman's Bicycle

In 1905, the Birmingham Small Arms (BSA) Company – who are actually well-known for their motorcycles – commissioned a fire service bicycle. It is probably that the use of those fire service bicycles was limited to Great Britain, and I do not know how many were produced. Nonetheless, the frames were designed to accommodate a fire hose, a siren, and an axe.

Do you know these Olympic stars?

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Amazing feats of athleticism, these two have made us proud and inspired by their ability to give it their all.  The big guy breaking all kinds of records, getting his 23 gold medal, bogles the mind.  The young lady is holding her own as well.  The future is hers.


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