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 Timothy at Mojave


When I see a young mother with her child I often think of my own son and how quickly the years have gone.

My message to that mom is ,

Enjoy every stage of your child’s life and you will find new things to love and admire (and yes to worry/pray about) with each new step.  

Don’t let the hard work built in to motherhood overshadow the incredible privilege you have of witnessing another human being’s journey, from the moment of inception.  Awesome.

Three Year Anniversary for Tim and Alicia

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Three years ago today Bill and I had the joy of seeing our only child marry his bride, Alicia. The three years since have been filled with great joy in the birth of Juliana, and great sorrow in losing Bill. Life will never be the same as in this photo, but the love we felt that day continues and will continue forever and a day. May God bless you my sweet dears. As you draw closer to each other may you also draw closer to Him. With love in abundance, Mom, “Grammy”

Chick and #1 Son

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Tim, and the long time announcer for the Lakers – Chick Hern –

outside the Staples Center, downtown Los Angeles  

-L.A. Times April 20, 2010

The man who once called 3,338 consecutive Lakers games — getting there every time despite rain, snow or otherwise — is shown sitting at a table while wearing a headset, looking like he’s midsentence while calling a game. A chair next to him remains open, allowing fans to take photographs in it. 

Hearn’s widow, Marge, was the first to sit in the chair after the 45-minute ceremony in front of a crowd of about 500. She kissed her right hand and then placed it gently on the cheek of her husband’s statue.

“This is as good as it gets, to have this in your life,” she said. “Fabulous day. Just fabulous.”


Tim Taylor, Pitcher

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            Leading His Team To Victory

Tim was a terrific athlete from t-ball days on.

We were told by many coaches/managers that they  wished they had a whole team of boys like him  (a reflection of the kind of person he was, and is).

I loved to watch Tim pitch, although it made me terribly nervous, my heart riding on each toss of the ball.

He played in college until tendonitis became a problem with his elbow.  

The picture was taken the year that his team won the Westchester Major League Division. They went on to win the Tournament of Champions in District 37 of Southern California.

It was an exciting game and I’ll always remember the exhilaration of that winning moment.  Tim had been just great, pitching the whole game and winning by 6-0.

 Oh, and you can bet there was a party afterwards!  Trophies, smiles, laughter, dirty uniforms and pizza of every flavor.  Happy memories for sure.

Kids learn a lot from team sports and you learn a lot about your child just watching him or her out there, interacting with others, being a team player yet an individual.  Win or lose, my son always made me proud.


Little Timothy in the Autumn leaves.

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5 Month old Timothy and his happy Mommy

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Scan 2

Squinting into the sun, a selfie with #1 Son

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High Flying Tim

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Tim going airborne, courtesy of his Aunt Linda.

(I was probably about to faint as I watched, but Tim was loving it!)

Time is getting away from us . . .

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Scan 22 Ah, summertime at home with my five year old son, July 1979.  Bill took our picture as we  snuggled in the backyard hammock.  At that moment we had no idea how quickly the next 37 years would zip by, and all the changes those precious years would bring.

Can you relate?

A trip to the doctor ( a few months back), Juliana feeling safe with Daddy along.

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