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Roses add Beauty to University Christian Church

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Ruth and Freddie

May 19th, 2016 Comments off

Ruth and Freddie Ruth was celebrating her 98th birthday and I was honored to be with her, along with Freddie, and a few other friends.  We attend the same Bible Study class and what a joy it is for me to know them.  Blessings are sent to both.

University Christian Church in L.A. With Roses in Full Bloom

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Happy Birthday to My Dear Friend Ruth Martin, 99 and counting!

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A week ago a few friends gathered to celebrate with Ruth her 99th birthday.  She baked the cake and greeted us at the door.  Ruth is an amazing woman who is much loved in our church family and beyond.  It is a sincere blessing to know her.  That sentiment is expressed my many who have known and admired her through the years. Keep on keepin’ on Ruth, we need you!20160406_143247-1

London McBride

December 3rd, 2015 Comments off

This young policeman, London McBride, is also a youth pastor at our church.  He has a beautiful voice and I love to hear him sing.  He is the father of five and a hero to many. Read what his partner wrote about him:



From FB  Mary Tovar:

I want to take this opportunity to thank my partner London McBride for his quick thinking/action that saved a baby’s life last night. Because of you L those first time parents will be able to spend the holidays with their son. You truly are a hero L.

The Hinsche Family – UCC Fall Festival – How cute is this?

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The Hinsches

Enjoying life to the fullest – Kay Heineman Looks Beautiful in Costume for the Senior Center Party

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Guest Writer Lainey Thwing – Bedtime With Eden

October 28th, 2015 Comments off

11013520_550527343323_1207691572792231348_o“Ever since Eden was a wee little thing, I treasured putting her to sleep. We have our little routine that we have done now for so long. We sing old Calvary songs that my Dad use to sing to us kids when he would put us to sleep, we pray which ends up being a 10-20 minute conversation to God and we cuddle and give each other lots of kisses. Tonight Eden prayed for everyone she saw at the Fall Festival yesterday, “Baby Declan, Caleb, Caleb’s Mommy and Daddy, Baby Stella, Baby Stella’s Mommy, Sonny, Baby Lily, Cadence, Cadence’s Mommy, Baby August, Gavin, Daddy, Mommy, TreePa, Max the dog, Bella the dog,” and the list goes on. Eden is such a blessing and she daily reminds me I need to pray more for my friends and family. God blessed Ryan and me with such a precious jewel. I can’t thank God enough for my princess and our nighttime routine. And thanks Dad for the example you left before me. Jess, Nathan and I still talk about how much we loved singing and praying with you before bedtime every night.”

God’s Hands Extended to Our Neighbors to the South

October 25th, 2015 Comments off

 This is what 18 hard-working & committed people can do in 8 hours in TJ. I could not be prouder of this hard-working crew. I thank God for you.  
The house rebuilding was for a family of 8 who recently lost their whole home on that site to a dangerous electrical fire.
Scott Hinsche

I’m proud of this group too Scott.  I am sure the family members in Tijuana are saying, Muchas Gracias to God and to University Christian Church.

One Person Makes A Difference: Linda Knowles

October 5th, 2015 1 comment

Linda KnowlesBible Study friend Linda Knowles recently inquired about the blog, as she could see a change in it. Maybe you have noticed it too.  I have not had enough time to give it the attention I have given it for so long. My ‘baby’ has only had the minimum care lately, a couple of items listed with little personal input from me.

I appreciate Linda mentioning it because sometimes I feel as if I have lost my audience, and no one cares if  I continue it or not. She reminded me that some of you still drop by on a regular basis. Knowing that has helped reenergize me and I needed that extra push to find the time to keep ‘baby’ tended to properly.

Thanks Linda.  I believe that one person’s opinion matters greatly because it reflects the opinion of others!

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