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Congratulations to Pat Fountain for Work Well Done!

May 26th, 2015 Comments off
Honoring Pat Fountain at County Older American Recognization Day — at The Music Center: Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles.
Shared by her sister Kay Heineman, May 21,2015


Still Studying, Still Learning, Still Growing!

March 27th, 2015 1 comment

Not all our ladies were present on the day Rudy decided to take a picture of us, but here we are, the Thursday Women’s Bible Study group at University Christian Church.

Our teacher is Rudy Hagood, and we are challenged weekly by his excellent teaching. He is much younger than his students, but bridges the gap with knowledge and caring.   I have been in the group for 5 years, but some have been in the class for decades.  It is a great gathering each week.

I am on the left, Linda is looking through, Jackie is beside me, and Pat is between her and Carol.  Then we have Rudy, Susie, Barbara, and Jackie.  In front are Beverly and Freddie.

Not only do we study and discuss scripture, but we share our prayer requests and pray.  I have asked for prayer for my family and friends many times and they have been wonderful to show love and concern. I am grateful for each member of my church family, especially Rudy and this group of women.


Giving Thanks: Pastor Rudy Hagood

November 23rd, 2014 1 comment

Rudy H.

As I consider my blessings at this time of year, I will include the gift of having Rudy Hagood  in my life.  Rudy is the Pastor of Discipleship at UCC.

He may have had mixed feelings when given the ‘privilege’ of teaching a group of women, most old enough to be his mother or even grandmother.  

Nevertheless, with a warm embrace, a smile that lights up the room, and a deep devotion to God’s word, he won everyone over in a short while, as he brought new life to  the Women’s Bible Study at University Christian Church.  

 Rudy’s message is that each of us, even our dear Ruth, who is 97, has relevance when it comes to pointing the way to the Lord, actively engaging with others who have not met Him.  Rudy does not see the older generation as just pew fillers, but children of God who have testimonies to give of lives dedicated to Christ.  He believes the older ones have much to give to the younger people.  It is Biblical, and it is life affirming for all concerned.

I thank God for Rudy and I pray for him, his wife Oshayre, and his children that they will be blessed richly as part of the UCC family.



UCC’s Fall Festival!

October 27th, 2014 1 comment

10641274_10154705915870034_5419439173276875478_nAfter preaching  one of his best sermons (in my opinion), Executive Pastor Scott Hinsche turns from serious to silly  for the University Christian Church’s Fall Festival.  

Wife Kerry goes along with the  fun as Wilma Flintstone.

 Baby Pebbles is onboard to make an appearance in January.  From all reports,  a great time was had by all!

Pastor Appreciation Month

October 19th, 2014 Comments off

Scott JulianScott Julian is the Lead Pastor at University Christian Church.  He looks even younger now that he has lost a significant amount of weight, but don’t let that mislead you, he is well grounded in the Word of God and is determined not to veer from it. His sermons are well prepared, founded in scripture, and delivered with enthusiasm and sincerity.  

UCC has attendance of  500 plus, with a congregation of diversity that sets it apart from many churches across America.  It is one of the things that appeals to me.  It reflects the city I live in and the life I lead.  

The music director, Kim Hamilton, engages us in worship through songs of praise and adoration.   With a blend of the familiar old hymns to the upbeat contemporary music, it is a genuine time to draw closer to God and to prepare for receiving the message of the day.

 If you live in Los Angeles, check the website and see if you are close enough to attend.  Look for the events on Wednesday nights, maybe you can participate in them or in other small groups. While on the site you can  listen to sermons or watch videos of the church services. 

I pray for Pastor Scott and the other staff members,  asking God to bless them as they fulfill their Holy calling.  Please pray for your pastor too.

Ruth Martin

October 5th, 2014 Comments off

I am considered elderly at  72 , yet I still feel young in my spirit when I am around certain people.  One person who nurtures that child in me is Ruth Martin.  At 97 she is soft spoken, kind-hearted, gentle, loving, and gracious.  I am just one of many who makes my way to her each Sunday to shake her hand, give her a hug, and wish her a blessed day.

My Mama was also a warm and generous person who drew people to her.  She was different from Ruth,however,  in that Mama loved to talk and make people laugh.  Ruth is quiet and doesn’t like to draw attention to herself.  When another Mary joined our Bible Study group at UCC , I told them they could call me Mary Etta, as I am known ‘back home’.  It was too late, they were used to my first name only, but not Ruth.  She said she would call me Mary Etta.  It is a special little bond between us, connecting me to my youth and to my family.

I ask for God’s continued blessing on this dear woman, and to thank Him for the privilege of knowing her.

Scott and Kerry Hinsche spend a hot day at Disneyland. Drink lots of water!

August 29th, 2014 Comments off



  Next year at this time ‘ baby Hinsche’

will be strolling along with them.


BTW Scott,  if you turn your cap around you will find

there is a brim that will help shade your face from the sun.  

Just being helpful. You’re welcome.

Happy Birthday to Scott Hinsche

July 21st, 2014 Comments off

10552512_10101205807189684_3943436896811056845_nAt University Christian Church he is the Executive Pastor, but at home he is ‘The Birthday Boy”.  Mother-in-law Lillian Kennedy surprised him with a fun cake, and typical of Scott he enjoyed every minute!  Next year this time he will be wearing a new hat, that of ‘Daddy’.  He and wife Kerry are expecting their first child in January!  We pray God’s richest blessings on Scott, Kerry, and baby.  ( and Lillian too!)

Kay Heineman is having Fun in Alaska ! (Sister Pat Fountain captures the moment.)

July 17th, 2014 Comments off

Kay H. Alaska

Club Adds New Member – Freddie A. Jones

August 9th, 2013 Comments off

Freddie J.

The women of  ‘I Can’t Believe I’m 70‘  are pleased to announce, as of today, that Freddie Alexis Jones has joined the club! 

FAJ(Some of the schoolmarm sisters maintain Ms. Jones looks much too young to really be out of her 60’s and want to double-check her birth certificate, but other than that they are excited to have her as a member in good standing.)

Those who know Freddie assert how fortunate it is to have her as a part of any group. They know she has much to contribute – from her years of working in the medical field, to her strong faith as a Christ follower.  

They are sure she will reach the club’s #1  goal which is  to mature gracefully, intelligently, and energetically, while trusting God each step of the way.  

With Freddie’s outgoing personality it is certain she will bring a wonderful spirit of friendship and good humor. We schoolmarm sisters who are leading the way down the calendar’s rosy pathway assure you, Freddie dear,  that 70 is the new 69 . . . so have no fear! You’ll do great!

Happy Birthday Ms. Jones . . .  and welcome to the club!

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