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The Boy Who Would Be President: Recognize that smile?

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Which President Of the U.S. Never Lived in Washington, D.C.?

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That would be the first President.washington

 As most of us already know, George Washington was the first president of the United States of America.

On April 30, 1789, George Washington, standing on the balcony of Federal Hall on Wall Street in New York, took his oath of office as the first President of the United States.

Philadelphia was the early capital of the United States after the Constitution was ratified, but on May 14, 1800, the nation’s capital moved to Washington

He was born in 1732 in Westmoreland County, VA, and died in 1799 at his Mount Vernon home.

To Nancy from Ronnie

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120px-Ronald_and_Nancy_Reagan_NewlywedsMarch 4 1983

Dear First Lady,

I know tradition has it that on this morning I place cards   Happy Anniversary cards on your breakfast tray.  But things are somewhat mixed up.  I substituted a gift & delivered it a few weeks ago.

Still this is the day, the day that marks 31 years of such happiness as comes to few men.  I told you once that it was like an adolescent’s dream of what marriage should be like.  That hasn’t changed.

You know I love the ranch but these last two days made it plain I only love it when you are there.  Come to think of it that’s true of every place & every time.  When you aren’t there I’m no place, just lost in time & space.

I more than love you, I’m not whole without you.  You are life itself to me.  When you are gone I’m waiting for you to return so I can start living again.

Happy Anniversary & thank you for 31 wonderful years.

I love you

Your Grateful Husband

Aboard Air Force One

Three days before his 19th birthday, George H.W. Bush became the youngest aviator in the US Navy.

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Presidents Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy Share a Sad Footnote in History

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  • On April 14, 1865, President Lincoln was assassinated at Ford’s Theatre in Washington by John Wilkes Booth. Thus, the sixteenth President Abraham Lincoln was the first president to be assassinated.

  • The twentieth President James A. Garfield. On 2 July 1881 he was shot by Charles Guiteau who was upset on being passed over as the US consul. President Garfield died on 19 Sept due to the infection caused by the shot wound.

  • The 25th President William McKinley was shot by Leon Czolgosz on 6 Sep 1901 and died from his wounds on 14 Sept 1901.

  • The 35th President John F. Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald on 22 Nov 1963 and died from his wound the same day. 
  • Let us pray that this list is never increased, but that our presidents will remain safe and protected  – to serve as elected by the people of this sovereign nation. Let us pray that people can disagree without resorting to violence against any man or woman who seeks to serve or is in the service of his or her country.

Vice Presidents Who Became President to Fill a Vacancy

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Nine Vice Presidents stepped in to fill vacancies left by Presidents of the United States.  How many can you name? Make a guess before you look at the list.

This is a very good reminder of why it is so important to choose a VP who can adequately perform the job of the presidency if destiny dictates. 



1841-1845  John Tyler became President upon the death of William Henry Harrison

1850-1853  Millard Fillmore became President upon the death of Zachary Taylor

1865-1869 Andrew Johnson became President upon the death of Abraham Lincoln

1881-1885 Chester Arthur became President upon the death of James Garfield

1901-1905  Theodore Roosevelt became President upon the death of William McKinley

1923-1925 Calvin Coolidge became President upon the death of Warren G. Harding

1945-1949 Harry Truman became President upon the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt

1963-1965  Lyndon Johnson became President upon the death of John F. Kennedy.

1974             Gerald Ford became President upon the resignation of Richard Nixon

U.S. Presidents – The shortest and the tallest.

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James Madison, Jr. (March 16, 1751 – June 28, 1836) was an American statesman, political theorist and the fourth President of the United States (1809–17). He is hailed as the “Father of the Constitution” for being instrumental in the drafting of the U.S. Constitution and as the key champion and author of the Bill of Rights. He served as a politician much of his adult life. He was 5’4, a full 12 inches shorter than our tallest president.

Who was the tallest?

That would be our beloved Abraham Lincoln. This is one of the most flattering portraits of the President that I have seen.  At 6’4 he looks tall even sitting down, doesn’t he? I’m sure most of us know much more about him than President

The First US Presidential Election . . .

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The United States presidential election of 1788–1789 was the first presidential election in the United States of America and the only election to ever take place in a year that is not a multiple of four.

The election took place following the ratification of the United States Constitution in 1788. In this election, George Washington was elected for the first of his two terms as president, and John Adams became the first vice-president.

Before this election, the United States had no chief executive.  Under the previous system agreed to under Articles of Confederation, the national government was headed by the Confederation Congress, which had a ceremonial presiding officer and several executive departments, but no independent executive branch.

In this election, the enormously popular Washington essentially ran unopposed. The only real issue to be decided was who would be chosen as vice-president.

Under the system then in place, each elector cast two votes; if a person received a vote from a majority of the electors, that person became president, and the runner-up became vice-president.

All 69 electors cast one vote each for Washington. Their other votes were divided among eleven other candidates; John Adams received the most, becoming vice-president.

The Twelfth Amendment, ratified in 1804, would change this procedure, requiring each elector to cast distinct votes for president and vice-president.

#37 President Richard M. Nixon

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Richard M. Nixon (1913-1994)

Thirty-seventh President (1969-1974)

Richard Nixon owed his early prominence and election as Dwight Eisenhower’s Vice President to his reputation as an anti-Communist militant. By the time he became President in 1968, however, his thinking about relationships between the Communist and free worlds had shifted considerably. As a result, under his leadership, the confrontational strategies that had long dominated this country’s response to Communism gave way to a historic d‚tente, marked by American recognition of Communist China and warmer relations with the Soviet Union.

Unfortunately, these diplomatic achievements were eventually overshadowed by disclosure of the Watergate scandals a web of illegal activity involving scores of Nixon’s advisers. Though never implicated in the original crimes themselves, Nixon did become party to attempts to cover them up. Following irrefutable disclosure of that fact, he became the only President ever to resign from office.

Artist Norman Rockwell admitted that he had intentionally flattered Nixon in this portrait. The reason he did, Rockwell said, was that Nixon’s appearance was troublesomely elusive, and if he was going to err in his portrayal, he wanted it to be at least in a direction that would please the subject. 

Norman Rockwell (1894-1978)
Oil on canvas, 1968 
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution
Donated to the People of the United States of America by the Richard Nixon Foundation 

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