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Signs of Spring

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Ah yes, Spring has arrived!

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What Smell Precedes a Lightning Storm?

March 12th, 2016 Comments off


The answer is OZONE!

Almost everybody on our planet is familiar with the smell of ozone: it is the smell we notice after a thunderstorm. But do you know the reason for it?

Here is the explanation: an electrical charge of lightning splits the molecules of oxygen (O2) into single atoms (O) and then some of these single atoms combine into ozone molecules (O3). That is why we feel the specific smell associated with a thunderstorm.

It is good that only some atoms of oxygen combine into a group of three, because too much ozone is dangerous for our health: this gas is a strong oxidizer and large amounts of it may do harm to our trachea and lungs and even prove fatal.

The White Stuff – From a Distance

January 24th, 2016 Comments off

Photo on 2011-07-01 at 17.49 #4I spent most of yesterday watching it snow (by TV)  in New York and other parts East.  Even though it was mild weather in my town,after several hours I felt snowed in myself.  It was captivating to see the snow accumulate higher and higher as the CNN reporters bravely trudged through the white stuff to show us how deep it was.  It is something I don’t expect to experience living in Los Angeles.

Talking with my sister Audrey, she was concerned about a long time friend who lives in New York.  I told her I would try to connect with her on FB and see how she is doing.  Of course I know her family’s electricity may be off and she won’t get the message right away, at least when she does she will know that her friends in AR and CA were thinking of her.

Wherever you are, whatever your weather, please play it smart and don’t get out when it is a safety risk.  If you are in dire circumstances, call for help, let them come to you, but do without the small things until the risk is reduced.

Let us pray:

Our Heavenly Father, You created the earth, the heavens and all that exists.  You set everything in motion and you are still in charge.  We ask your mercy and forgiveness for our failure to protect the planet you chose to have inhabited.  Please help us to be wiser in the future.  Protect those in danger and give wisdom to those in charge, we humbly pray.  In your Son’s name, Amen

Is this what you are thinking?

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A Full Moon for Christmas This Year

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Christmas this year will see a full Moon for the first time in 38 years – and in an odd cosmic coincidence, the last time we had one on Christmas was the year Star Wars: A New Hope was released (1977). This year, of course, sees the return of the franchise with The Force Awakens.

The Moon will be entirely illuminated by the Sun at 6:11 a.m. EST (11:11 a.m. GMT) on Friday December 25, so you’ll see the brightest Moon at night either side of that time. This comes three days after the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, the winter solstice, on Tuesday December 22.

Christmas Eve will also see the ISS travel through the sky for observers in the U.K., with it moving from west to southeast from 5:19 to 5:26 p.m. GMT – although we all know, really, it’s Santa’s sleigh making its way around the world.

The next full Moon on Christmas will appear in 2034, so you can probably hope for Star Wars: Episode 10 around then.

[H/T: ABC News]


Arizona Photo by Cindy Bratcher

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Cindy B.

The Generosity of God Shown in the Abundance of Color in Nature

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No one seems to know where this is or who took the photo, but it was posted on FB by my neighbor Terry.

 My comment to Terry was that it looks like a painting created by the ‘Master Painter’.  I think she will agree.

From the McCloskeys in Oregon . . . Autumn has arrived.

October 10th, 2015 Comments off

Oregon McCloskey

“We’re enjoying the fall tree colors (this one in our front yard.) With freezing temps at night, it won’t be long before the leaves cover the grass. They seem a whole lot less entrancing when I look down on them with a rake in hand.”  

Snowing in Kentucky

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Photo by Enola Santana

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