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Our Heavenly Father, You said as we forgive we will be forgiven.  Help us to forgive others as quickly as humanly possible, whether we feel in the right or not.  Let us be equally quick to ask forgiveness when we have wronged another, or when they feel we have wronged them.   Take away the competition of  the ‘blame game’ and let us simply turn it all over to You.  Amen


                                                        Let me reconcile my pain with you Lord, allowing

                                                        me to forgive completely, without reservations. Amen



God, it isn’t easy to forgive and completely let go.  Help us as we struggle with people who put us in situations that cause us pain and confusion.  Lift us higher than the unfairness.  Lift us above our own feelings of anger, sadness and regret.  Take us to a Holy place by our acts of forgiveness.  Thank you God. Amen


Thank you Father for the freedom that comes with forgiveness.  Help us to identify when we lack forgiveness in our lives.  Teach us to offer to others what you have offered to us.




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