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“The Schoolmarm”

by Jimmy L. Simpson

This cool site is the place to go,

For topics that are in the know,

From history and humor keen,

To scenes of nature so pristine,

All offered with a style and wit,

That makes each reader part of it,

Like recipes for something good,

Or doings in the neighborhood,

Along with remedies for pain;

And travel pics that entertain!

So if you find the time or not,

“The Schoolmarm” site provides a lot,

A smile, a wave, a bit of shtick;

And all it takes is just a click!

JLS – 10/06/10

Many thanks  Poet.

Visit his website at

  1. shirley pitzer
    December 20th, 2010 at 19:22 | #1

    this is shirley pitzer. it was good to see you in ca . i wanted to send u a christmas card can u email it to me.
    love shirley

    Wonderful hearing from you Shirley. I’ll email you my address right away! Mary

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