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The problem with being so prolific is that some of the best features appear to get lost in the process of an unending scroll.

I hope you will return often to take a look at the monthly archives, or try a category or two, maybe click on a word from the word cloud.

The Search Box is your best bet if you know  the name of the person you want to read about.

Thanks for exploring.

Believe me, every article posted has been fussed over and considered carefully. My goal, to amuse, inspire or inform, is always in the back of my mind. I hope I am meeting that goal.

With appreciation for you, dear readers, Mary the ‘Marm

  1. November 28th, 2010 at 16:02 | #1

    Hi Mary! It’s been way too long. Glad to see you are still contributing. I have a website with a blog and appreciate that it’s no small deal.
    I’m not sure if this works as a way to communicate. Your great spirit comes
    shining through – Happy Thanksgiving – lots of love

    Here are some attempts at Haiku that I did for when we said grace before dinner:
    Bless this house, the people in it,
    no matter how you spin it
    We are blessed.

    A smile is a way
    to give thanks every day.
    Let’s all smile and say:

    Gratitude Xs 3:
    For every gift that you are given
    you give 3.


    For each gift that you get, you give 3.
    Pay them forward preferably.

    Giving thanks let’s all toast
    to the mostess host and hostess
    – giving thanks!

    Blessings to all each and every one
    for who you are and what you’ve done.

    As we do our peaceful dance
    let’s wish all the world
    to give peace a chance.

  2. November 2nd, 2011 at 14:46 | #2

    Hello Mary Etta (as I have always called you),
    This blog has brought many many memories back to me. So so many things to remember.
    And surprisingly mostly good.
    The first thing that grabbed me today was the article concerning “New Beginning.”
    I moved to Texas in 1985 to work with a new church. And you may know that some times your theology changes. Thats another story to its self. The church grew and then it went to the bottom as some things you do in life will do.
    A man came along and inspired us, picked us up and named our church “New Beginnings.” That church is stil alive and well today. It has three full time missionaries and countless people that go to the Phillipines every year. One of the big ministries is to people with Addictions. My wife and I started that ministry and its still going today every Friday night at New Beginnings.
    So if you have not had a New Beginning in your life, You can have that. I believe that is
    the most important thing to happen in your life.
    Next, Ham Sutton, I think of him with a push broom in his hand at Million Motor Company.
    Then Wadeine James, yes wonderful people were raised in Pocahontas, Arkansas. And one
    thing that is sad, is that we did not really enjoy them while they were with us.
    The water in Randolph County is another subject to remember. I did not realize how blessed we were to have so much water in Randolph County. I enjoyed it as I can remember, but i did not enjoy it as I could have enjoyed it.
    The pictures bring back so many memories. The Shiloh church has good memories in my life. I sang in a gospel group called “The Liberty Quartet.” We had our first singing in that old
    church and that is where we began. Good memories besides the bus troubles we had.
    A blog is for writing and I have done alot. Do you remember this? The store on the corner across from Johnson’s Drug Store was owned by NE Honeycutt. Mr Honeycutt had many children and I remember a preacher saying that the Lord has told us to replenish the earth.
    But He did not tell NE Honeycutt to do it all.
    So the Lord is telling me to not write it all.
    I have had fun, I hope you have. Randy

    Great hearing from you Randy. I can tell you have visited the Pocahontas category and I am glad you did. There is much to remember and love about our little home town. The ones of us who have moved away look at it fondly, don’t we? Thanks for writing Randy, hope you will continue to visit the website. New things are added every day. It is a labor of love. God Bless, Mary Etta

  3. Chris Casstevens
    January 4th, 2014 at 13:48 | #3

    So nice chatting today. The asbestos-removing-team look like men from outer space; glad they did the job for you. Enjoy your “clean air”.;-)
    Liked photo of Tim and Alice at LAX. They make an adorable couple. Wishing them both abundant happiness and true love forever.
    Many blessings to you all in 2014. cc

    Thank you Chris. Best wishes to you and Fred, let’s keep in touch. Mary

  4. Bruce Haney
    August 15th, 2015 at 12:59 | #4

    please tell me when & who made the sculpture representing Mihai Eminescu in Oneshti Ro. Thanks,Bruce Haney Omaha Nebraska USA thehaneys@cox.net

    August 15th, 2015 at 18:37
    Hi Bruce, Please check the link listed. It may give you the information you want. Thanks for writing. MT

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